Execution of Kurt Steiner

Four sticks and a tarpaulin. When we say ‘sticks’ we mean poles, like tent-poles, but of the old kind disassembled for storage and transport. By ‘tarpaulin’ we mean green, not canvas but a plastic weave, waterproof all the same. Such fabrics are noisy. The wind looses their cacophony; rain is amplified making it all the more surprising to see it used here – unless of course the weather has been anticipated to be part of the composition. Our performer works intensely.

Meanwhile a steady trickle of water finds its way over the edge of the canopy from a reservoir collecting there. When a convenient moment presents itself the tarpaulin will be prodded from below. Perhaps an umbrella will be used, the one leaning against the table. Even if the water is expected to go the other way a warning will be issued to those nearby. Bodies of water liberated from canopies are known to be unpredictable.

You’re Doing Some Dangerous Work, Kurt Steiner – Neil Chapman, Ola Ståhl & Carl Lindh (2011), performed live at In Edit Mode Press, Ystadvägen 13, Malmö, by Neil Chapman & Carl Lindh. The piece is published by In Edit Mode Press as The Execution of Kurt Steiner / You’re Doing Some Dangerous Work, Kurt Steiner.


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